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Our Shared Kaseya Vision

  • I remember the old days first. Remember them?

    Almost 10 years ago we were trying to figure out how we could deliver MSP services in a 1999 world. The future appeared rosy through our dot com goggles. The path to Graceland appeared to be through monitoring tools like “Big Brother” “What’s Up”, and “Compaq Insight Manager”. (Special Note: God Bless Compaq Insight Manager)

    We were successful in selling these “monitoring” services but they didn’t actually solve any problems, or do any real work. They were just monitoring, and that wasn’t enough. The bulk of the revenue stream was still from the initial sale of hardware, and billable hours. Making tons of cash selling MSP services seemed to only exist in the 4th dimension of a 3d world.

    When I think about MSP Services today, I see the realization of my 1999 dream in Kaseya. I still giggle to myself when I count the ways we can potentially generate recurring revenue without incrementally increasing overhead. AMAZING to say the least.

    Kaseya to me is a pioneering company which created an incredible framework for delivering MSP Services. I’ve anxiously awaited every major update ever since becoming a Kaseya customer. Every time an update was released I’ve been pleased with the enhancements. Somehow they just aren’t enough though, I WANT MORE! I have a ferocious appetite and Kasyea realeases just can’t come fast enough to fully satisfy me.

    As quickly as Kaseya is growing, we can only expect the ride to be bumpy. They probably don’t have the regression testing budget of Microsoft, and as we all know, Microsoft rarely gets it right the first time.

    I very much appreciate Kaseya’s efforts in releasing updates. They are always most welcome despite the bumpy ride!

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  • We love the vision too...BUT

    BETA TEST!!! If they did...then they need to re-think their beta program.

    If the problems being seen are just little issues that might have gone unnoticed in the beta, that would be fine. But, some of these issues are major in-your-face issues.

    Maybe Microsoft doesn't get it right the first time, but at least they have:
    1) Pre release
    2) beta
    3) rc1 and sometimes more
    4) ctp
    5) rtm
    6) and then quite some time down the road SP1

    As far as I'm seeing, everyday is several new Kaseya SP's.

    I pay far less overall for Microsoft products, and although I rely on them, at this point my core business relies on Kaseya Mad

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  • I agree. I think that Kaseya's release strategy could use improvement. That's why I haven't taken the 5.0 plunge yet. Big Smile

    It would be nice if we could easily test their releases without putting them in production, and do our own regression testing. At least we would know what to expect and enable us to make proactive vs. reactive choices.

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  • I'm thinking about starting my own business that specialize in Kaseya support. There is definately a need out there Wink

    But seriously, I'm glad the product gets updated all the time. Go team go!

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