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Patch approval by policy

  • I'm currently testing patch management on Kaseya 2008.
    I have a problem with patch approval by policy.
    I created a policy workstations.

    At the option: Policy view/Group by are 2 option.


    Are these two linked with each other?

    If i approve all critical updates on the classification view but deny all Windows Xp updates on the product view.

    What will my system with xp do?
    Will it download/install all the updates?
    Or will it do nothing according to the deny on the product tab?

    I have been testing it a few hours now and can't get a good view of how it works.

    Help...Big Smile

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  • They are linked. The only difference is the entry point and organization of the view. When you drill-down you will see that you are approving by KB. Also, an overview of this was provided in the recorded web cast and in the Education section with Kaseya 2008 Overview.

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  • I found it out another few hours of testing. (not only ticketingRoll Eyes).
    Now the server has to things for patch approval.

    By policy
    By patch

    I saw i can't give a client right to the approval by patch part.
    So i figured that approval by patch is server wide and after i approved the patch the customer can aprove or deny it with his approval policy?

    Is that right?

    Further i have a problem with ticketing.
    I have a gmail account with op enabled.
    In email reader iv put in all the needed info.
    Put on SSL en changed the port from 110 to 995.
    But my server just can't connect the log says ik can't find the host?
    Hostname i filled in is pop.gmail.com according to gmail info.

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