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Set future schedule of script @ time of initial agent install

  • Hello,

    As per Kaseya's best practices I have been setting up agent templates and basing all new agents on them. I find this causes a problem when I set the template to run a script on a monthly reoccurring basis because new agent installs see that the initial schedule date occurred in the past and set the script to run immediately. This poses a problem on many CPU intensive scripts or scripts that require a reboot. Is there away to avoid what I have just described, in other words, schedule a script XX days AFTER the initial install date of the agent.

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  • Create a script that schedules all of your scripts. For instance, we have a script for workstation installation which will schedule our anti-spyware install, registry changes for x amount of minutes in the future.

    Use the 'Execute Script' function to accomplish this.


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