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Views and Groups - Best Practice

  • I was hoping I could get some advice RE best practice for Groups and Views.

    Heres a Quick Scenario......
    We currently have over 20 different clients with more prospective in the pipeline.

    Some clients are spread out geographically and some are localised.

    We intend to offer different SLA's ie. Gold, Silver, Bronze to different clients.
    So a client can have their servers on a Gold SLA and their workstations on Bronze SLA etc.

    Our views and groups are currently setup as follows.
    ClientA would be broken up into groups as follows...

    ClientA - top level group
    ClientA.regional - contains clients that are geographically remote
    ClientA.perth - contains clients that are within the Metro Area

    We also have views that filter down the group.
    ie. Workstations.Online, Workstations.Offline, Laptops.Online, Laptops.Offline etc etc etc
    The views currently could be used against any different client as they are generic.

    Taking or current setup into consideration what would be the best way to handle filtering of SLA type?

    Would you create another view? ie Gold, Silver, Bronze?
    Or would you create more sub groups? ie ClientA.regional.Gold, ClientA.perth.Gold

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  • If you want to filter this way I would be going



    This way you can group all gold clients together etc.

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