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Kaseya 6 SP1 discussion

  • I was just curious if anyone has deployed SP1 yet to their installs?  If so, how is it working out so far?

  • I installed it Friday night. So far the only real issue I've seen is that I had a Role setup for our clients who have requested access to our Kaseya portal, and it changed the Role Type to End User, which limited them to only seeing 2 tabs in the entire system and I couldn't add any others. I had to change their Role Type back to VSA Admin and then just limit which pages I wanted them to see.

  • we installed on the weekend, and so far the problems are: the software licensing option under audit does not work and my reports for everything just gives an error.  When I create a new report the error is not their but I can not email or use the info center inbox to get any reports.   I have a call logged with support for both problems

  • I installed it about 2 weeks ago, and it was a nightmare. We had more bugs than a bait shop.... :(   but once the dev's got into our system, and did some background magic (wish I knew what they did, but all they're saying is "it's fixed". If I gave my customers that response, they wouldn’t stay my customers.).

    We're stable now, and everything seems to work better, we haven’t seen any issues with anything. I think the moral of the story is have a dev team standing by when updating or making changes to the software in Kaseya.

    here are a few of the bugs we had:

    ticketing = can't merge ticekts, can't open tickets as Master

    audit = just wasn't there ---- it disappeared

    Live connect - if you used it, every VSA was kicked from the system, it also threw ASP errors on server, caused the agent to dump it's self and the service to not restart

  • I'll have to take back my earlier statement about no problems. We just had every page start throwing 503 errors when trying to load them. All services were running on the server, a reboot brought everything back up but that's the first time I've had that happen in a really long time, and isn't very convenient in the middle of the day with 10 techs trying to use the system.

  • Audit seems to have disapeared for us, just logged a call with Support.

    Agent seems to be more stable, but I have just had one hang on an SBS2003 server. At least I could get it back live again without having to re-boot the server though.

  • Peter, it'll shut down again. There seems to be an issue with AV that keeps it from accessing the registry which causes the service to hang. If you stop your AV when upgrading or installing the agent you should be ok. As for the audit tab, you're going to need a dev to fix it :D    They may have a hotfix for it by now, but there's no telling as Kaseya doesn't post a bug list or available hotfixes.

  • @gdoubinin I have the exact same problems after upgrading, reported on Monday and I'm still waiting for the "Specialist" to contact me.

    Kaseya do not give New Zealand fast response times and I'm getting really (^#@( off with all the issues that I have to waste time on reporting and try fixing on my own.

    The whole reason for upgrading in the first place was to fix the stupid issues with the agent and now a whole bunch of other stuff is broken :(

  • I have not heard back from anyone except that its been forwarded to a specialist.   I am having major problems and have not heard back from anyone except its been forwarded to Dev.  

  • Called the NZ Head of support direct, hope that will get it sorted. Will share info on how to fix the report issue if I get given a fix for it

  • I upgraded a couple days ago and I've noticed that i cannot alt+click to get to the old agent UI anymore....alt+click now just opens live connect....and alot of the time...live connect will now simply display the following in the thumbnail preview:

    Features requiring plugins are disabled when Limited Mode is selected.

    when this happens...desktop access and most other live connect features are disabled.

    also noticed that all our custom icons and site modificaions have been lost.

  • ok...a bit more digging and a couple quick responses from support cleared up the alt+click and limited mode issues that i noticed....

    Alt+click forces limited mode in the KLC window....which replaced the old 5.x UI in version 6.0.1

  • Quick Update:-


    Audit has now reappeared, fixed by support - Apparently it was a license issue, which is strange as I could see all of the audit information in KLC just didnt get the option to View and run audits from the main VSA tab.


    I had given one person at each site the ability to login and see and update all of the tcikets for their company. Prior to the upgrade from K2 to SP1 they werre a 'Basic User' Role and had access to the Ticket Interface. After the upgrade to SP1 Basic User no longer has access to the Ticket Interface, but they do have access to Service Desk. The way to fix this was to make them a 'VSA Admin' Role and then limit the access and functionality that thye have within my custom 'Ticket Admin' Role.


    I have some procedures, written for K2, that no longer work. They now give the error 'Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'mkdir c:\temp' to data type int' when you try to schedule them. Its with Support so I will let you know how it progresses.

  • Peter,

    I've also seen this issue with the procedures, it's from lastnight's hotfix as this worked just yesterday. I too am waiting for support.

  • Thanks Dan

    Hopefully they can fix it just as quickly as they broke it in the first place.