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OSX Big Sur Plans

  • After the recent Apple announcement re: Big Sur. What's Kaseya's plan to properly support the new OS? The support and features available on **CATALINA** so far have been laughable. Should we expect the same for Big Sur? How long do we have to wait for a new agent that FULLY supports the new OS?

    catalina vs mojave
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  • I'm interested in this as well. Half the company uses Macs and the procedure to stop them from upgrading to Catalina stopped working and now 5 of them are on Catalina and aren't being updated on software management. As well as other issues, such as when a Mac is restarted that the keyboard doesn't work in LiveConnect to be able to log in, the user logs in and then the keyboard works again. So it works in a roundabout way but is a hindrance in troubleshooting or installations, and the computer needs a restart. Yes, I've submitted tickets - most of time they are for the Macs.

    I really want to like Kaseya! Please catch up on the Mac support.

  • I'll throw my name in here too. We are trying to support a bunch of Macs. We attempted to stop people from upgrading, but some circumvented the block. New Macs are all shipping with Catalina, and have been for 13 months. On thursday, when Big Sur launches, Mojave will be 2 versions old.

    The biggest issue with our environment is the inability to run procedures on any newer Mac. We pay good money for this feature, and it's becoming usable on a smaller and smaller percentage of our fleet...

    A bigger question is - What about Apple Silicon Macs? Has Kaseya even begun developing support for these?

  • Release 9.5.2 looks to have improved mac support... helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../360015342397-9-5-2-Feature-Release-November-2020-

  • We also look after a significant number of macOS endpoints.  Kaseya we need you to get Mac support up to scratch and be a first class citizen, more and more customers are using macOS.