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Will VSA be updates before Flash goes EOL in December

  • Flash is still used in Kaseya VSA in multiple places including the Self Service portal.  Does anybody know if VSA will be updated to no longer use Flash before Flash goes End of Life after December?

    We are starting to get concerned that various parts of Kaseya will cease to function starting in January.   can you comment on this perhaps?

  • are you on an older version of on-prem?

    It's been some time since flash player use was eliminated in VSA.

  • We are on Prem and several months behind, running  We are getting ready to update to 9.5.1 next week, and were told by support that Flash is not completely removed yet.

  • We are not on the current version, but we are beyond .25 (I think we're on .27?).  I cannot find anywhere Flash is still being used.

    The two major spots, procedure editor and self service portal are Flash free.