currently I have to do more work with Kaseya, and some of this work involves manual interaction with agents.

There is some behavior which I would like to see improved in context of usabilty:

In the left side pane I would wish some configurable favorites area or at least a most used area per user. 

Also some color for the icons would be nice - I prefer difference by color against the grey in grey Microsoft style, which is less than ideal to find some icon more quickly than having to read/browse etc.

In dialog windows like "What shoud happen, if you deploy patches manually and a user is logged in" remember the last selection, if this action is repeated on other PCs at least during the same session.

The agents frame should not scroll up, once you have deployed patches or whatever, but the last selected system should be kept visible. If you need to handle a bunch of systems manually one after the other on a longer list of machines the task becomes quick tedious, if you have to scroll down the list again before you can select the next system. What about keyboard Arrow up/Arrow down support in the agent list?

Best greetings from Germany