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how to create a monitor set for a file size & Update the same in the dashboard

  • Hi,

    I want to monitor one file if the file size increases beyond 15 GB i want to show the same agents in the dashboard.

    Please help me.



  • If I were trying to accomplish this I would:

    1. Write a PowerShell script that logs the file size to the Windows Event Log under a custom Source with some logic similar to:
      1. If size is less than 10GB, log Information event.
      2. Else if size is less than 12.5GB, log a Warning event.
      3. Else, log an Error event.
    2. Depending on the frequency (how close to real time?) you need the file size checked I would:
      1. If once per day, write an Agent Procedure to push down and execute the PS script and schedule that AP to run daily.
      2. If more frequently than that, I would write an Agent Procedure to push down the PS script and schedule it via the Task Scheduler.
    3. Create and assign an Event Set in Kaseya for your custom event Source.
      1. If you are logging the Information and Warning events as described above, you can also configure an alert to ensure you get one of those logged at least once a day to confirm your process is working.

    If you have a lot of different files and are looking for a more elegant solution, I would use the FileSystemWatcher class in a custom built .NET service. It will get you real-time monitoring without the overhead of a 5-min timer/schedule. As far as generating alerts, I would still use the Event Log and Event Set Monitoring.