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Kaseya Roadmap?

  • Hello Kaseya Team,
    Is there any plan to update the RoadMap web page with what's coming in the next version?

    I am personally interested in what's in store for VSA Core users.

    My personal wishes are:

    Better / Faster Remote Control (Live Connect is very slow compared to alternatives sitting at the bottom of our preferred ways to connect to a client)
    This is number one of my wishes list.

    Improvements on Service Desk (making the UI lighter / faster)

    KNM improvements to make the product usable

    Thank you

  • Alessandro, I agree regarding KRC. They promised the world with KRC and haven't delivered.

    Things like Service Desk and KNM I doubt will get much effort, they will try and push BMS and Traverse.


  • Hello Andy,

    Unless they bring BMS as a direct update of who used to pay (and still pays) for Service Desk we will continue to use that (or move to a different ticketing system).

    If you charge a perpetual license and you do not update the system fine, but they are charging us every year receiving no value from the Module is not ideal.

    For KNM no problem for us as we moved to Passler, but I can see the potential if the product could offer integrated solutions.

    And one may argue "But Kaseya does!" (Traverse)... the issue there is that you can never tell for how long Traverse will live before being replaced by yet another new module (and we would be stuck again with a dead end that is no longer updated).

    It is not just the a waste of the cost of the license but implementation, learning etc.

    Happened with "Monitoring->KNM->Traverse"

    Happened with "Ticketing->Service Desk->BMS"

    Not to mention antivirus, backup etc.

    It's kind of a common trend so we play safe and stick with core.

    And within Core, Remote Control is really bad.

    My laptop fan goes like an helicopter as soon as I open it (plus in low connectivity / high latency it dies). Freezes, can't control any aspect of colors / resolution / background to improve performances.

    Can't even copy and paste a file in your remote session: the file transfer from LC is slooooooooow and fail us more that it is not. So you end up fighting with the system rather than focusing into getting your issued solved (until you fire up a teamviewer session and be done with it)

    So we tend not to use it as much as possible.

    All above makes Kaseya usage very fragmented (juggling between different environment).


  • If you think KLC/RC is slow now, you should have seen it 5 years ago!! This is blazing compared to that.  But yeah I agree it would be great if it was a native app not based on a resource-hungry framework like QtWebEngine, and if you could control the color quality to be better on low-bandwidth connections.

  • I recommend to view our Product Update Webinar:


  • Thanks Oscar,

    I watched the webinar with interest.

    I am certainly appreciated:

    File Transfer within Remote Control (hopefully the transfer is using a different communication protocol than the Live Connect file transfer). That method fails for us more then it is not and it is massively slow compared with the same FTP transfer in Kaseya, I had a ticket opened few years ago that was never resolved and actually ended up with one feature removed with Live connect (drag and drop files into the file transfer window).

    This is a basic feature present in many alternative remote control systems since years (like 18+ years?).

    While it is welcome, it is very late and should be prioritized.

    I liked to see some love for Service Desk Ticketing that as it seems, will receive interface improvements (now it is very slow to start up for users), usage after all is "okay" but takes up to several minutes to start on high latency / slow connections such as VSAT.

    Network topology is a cool gadget if it works (detection of devices, clean up of stale devices).

    But, I have to say, no change I saw in the roadmap will improve drastically our usage of Kaseya.

    Without speeding up Remote Control to make it on par of alternative systems (that are faster than Remote Control even at higher resolution and color count), we continue to have to fall back to RDP (when possible) or other tools such as Teamviewer.

    Worse, the latest version makes mandatory 2FA. Not even Microsoft forces you to do that and on premise, this should continue to be optional.

    Also, I understand development of new modules is what can bring more profits to Kaseya, but getting the basics done right would make one never doubt about changing the platform.

    Then, other modules may come in easier.


  • Ha! I use Kaseya since it was all BLUE and the Remote Control was basically VNC only.

    I went through all iteration including the botched Adobe Air attempt at Remote Control, the "old" Live Connect all the way until the current version.

    I get it, it is difficult.. but I still don't understand why they never attempted at using the RDP protocol instead of re-inventing the wheel. It is available on all Platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows) and not just a Windows thing, it can shadow sessions, it works beautifully, can be optimized for low connections / colors / animations.

    There's even open source projects that push RDP over to Canvas (so no need to install a plug-in) and would work on a mobile phone...