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Using Kaseya in Internet explorer 11

  • We have developed an integration for Kaseya for one of our customer and looks like some of the users use IE11 to access the application.

    Though IE11 is not in supported browser http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/EN/VSA/9050000/reqs/#9988.htm I can access the server in IE11.

    if anyone tried using the Kaseya in IE11 and if you could share possible issues or feedback for the same.

  • I exclusively use IE11 to run Kaseya.   (as I use Chrome for everything else, so if Chrome crashes, my Kaseya is still running)   And have done for years, no problems at all.

  • Hello Amit,

    I'm at v9.5.0.22 and IE11 is my default browser and "works perfectly".

    The same issues present with other browsers:, and no too different experience.

    Some of them are:

    - failures to update the page/frame

    - sporadic errors while applying filters or changing modules.

    BTW, IE11 is the only one that still supports ActiveX, and so legacy RDP RC.

    Still our preference when managing servers.

    I was not aware of the browser support change.

  • Thanks Jose