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How to alert when server is in "zombie" or "semi-hung" or "soft-hung" state.

  • Hi,

    we are seeing a problem occasionally where a server is not functioning correctly but the agent is still checking in and doesn't know anything is wrong so there is no alert and no ticket is created.

    Has anyone else come across this and if so, how have you handled it?

    Regards, c.doyle.

  • I have definitely seen this behavior, but I have yet to find a solution.  In my experience, the server is an ESXi VM and becomes very unresponsive, even to console input.  Kaseya reports the agent is still checking in, however it won't run any procedures (ie. reboot).  LiveConnect is unable to establish a connection.  My only recourse has been to reset the VM from vCenter.  The event log doesn't record anything during the time the machine is hung.  The other strange thing is that after forcing the reboot with the VM reset the Kaseya agent did not update the "last reboot" timestamp.

  • Its a catch-22 problem. internal monitoring won't work if the server you're running your checks on isn't running correctly.

    try external monitoring e.g. if a file share or web service goes dead, test for this by connecting from another machine. Monitor -> system check could be helpful here e.g.using the port connection method.

  • One of our Smart Monitors could possibly help with this situation. The Server Availability monitor is a non-agent-based solution that reports server health directly to the VSA. Our workflow automation engine - Intelligent Ticket Processing - monitors these and will alert when the server fails to check in for a specific period of time. It doesn't rely on the VSA agent or VSA monitors, and no specific configuration is needed. The next release will be able to restart the Kaseya agent when unresponsive and perform secondary health checks based on server roles (ie DNS), reducing the need for OOB monitoring for Windows servers.


  • And how do you set that up?