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Monitoring Datastores KNM

  • Hi All,

    I am looking to find out if there is a way to automatically inspect and add specific monitors which the inspect find's?


  • You might be able to use a procedure to collect data and pars that to determine what to monitor, but I've never seen any way to automatically apply monitors in KNM. The procedure could generate a report that you use to apply templates (manually).


  • So there is no way that anyone knows on how to automate this work.

    Looks like a fall back from Kaseya where not able to automate everything through KNM.

  • Denis,

    There's virtually no automation in KNM - it has no native APIs, is not supported by VSA APIs, and has no defined component sections in Policy Management. As a result, there's no real automation available to apply monitors based on detection. Sadly, this is true for most OOB monitor platforms, and while Traverse and Auvik have built-in detect and monitor capabilities, they are mostly network related and you need to go back and manually add or (especially) adjust the thresholds.

    We've spent a year on each platform thus far and have decided to build our own tool for Windows Server monitoring, which will start as "Server Available/Functional" and will add additional monitors based on our Daily Audit detections to monitor the functionality of certain services like SQL, DNS and IIS. These will be simple "does this service respond" checks and may grow from there to allow you to define specific queries.. I'm targeting late 2020 for this to be released.


  • Hello Denis,

    You can download Passler PRTG for Free if you don't need a lot of sensors

    It has sensors for VMWare Datastores (just google it)

    I am not sure if I can post a link to another vendor here but you'll find it easily.

    Check also Traverse (may be it has a solution), for us we wanted something that was included in the Core Modules and after SNMP Monitoring and KNM have been abandoned, there was no other choice for us.