Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to set up a dashboard in KNM to display the monitors we have for each server however I'm having issues with the one that uses an LUA script to monitor the number of instances of explorer.exe running on an RDS server as a way to get a session count.

When you look at the asset under Monitoring -> View you can see the result shows as the current count.

Whenever you edit the monitor and go to the Statistics tab you see the below. I am not sure exactly what "lua data" it is attempting to display.

And when you then load the Dashboard you see the below.

What I would like to see shown in the value column is the same result you see from the actual monitor (and ideally only show it once rather than 8 times. I did only have one "lua data" display option ticked but it then didnt even show in the dashboard, so have to have all 8 ticked).

Have searched the forums etc but cannot find any information on this side of, so if anyone has encountered this before and has a solution it would be greatly appreciated.