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VSA - Native support for MFA

  • Does anyone have an update when VSA will have native support for MFA?

    I am currently using AuthAnvil but am looking to step this down once the above becomes available.

  • I would love to know this too.

  • Our next release -  .24 release will have native support for MFA.

  • is there ANY eta on this yet?  we've been hearing about this for quite some time.  Is there anyway, they can scrap whatever else is in .24 and get the MFA released NOW?

    this lacking feature is a GIGANTIC liability at this point.  

  • If you are already using an identity provider with MFA that supports SAML you can enable that today without AuthAnvil, it's been posted a few times in the community threads. We utilise it with AzureAD so have MFA provided there to both VSA and BMS.

  • , I am sorry to be blunt, but Kaseya has 2FA, its called AuthAnvil.  The only liability is that you don't want to pay for it.  :)

  • Patch .24 is released, and generic 2FA support is there now.