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Client Workstation Backup

  • What are most Kaseya users using for backing up client desktops?  My rep tells me the Acronis Solution is what most use, but it seems very pricey compared to what my competitors are quoting..  I feel like I am missing something..

  • We do it outside of Kaseya, with veeam endpoint free.

  • Does the Veeam endpoint free work with the Veeam Kaseya plugin?

  • Not to be a killjoy but just sharing what I saw;  per the Veeam free license, you are only supposed to use it in-house and not for 3rd parties or provided as a service.  So you can easily get into a grey area or beyond; just an FYI

  • No, Veeam endpoint free will not interact with the functionality provided by the Veeam plugin.

  • Does Veeam work only with Virtual Machines ? We have physical windows machines and our own private storage server