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How to upload a file to Kaseya server Shared folder location

  • I am new to this forum so I apologize if I am not dotting all my i's here.

    I was told that I need to upload files to Kaseya to replace the manual method currently used today.

    I have been looking for days for a way to upload a file to Kaseya using curl and have been unsuccessful (google was not helping).

    Is there a way to upload a file to Kaseya from another server (curl is what I am looking to use) as the source file is on Linux into the Shared folders area in Kaseya?

    I know that I could upload the file to a location on the server, but how would I then get Kaseya to see the new file.

  • @rmolumby1,   what are you trying to accomplish?  You can pull a file into Kaseya using an Agent Procedure, using the GetFile command.   This will pull the file into the KServer, and you can view it from QuickView, or from the Agent Procedures -> File Transfer -> Get File view.

    I do not know of a way to curl a file into these directories, unless there is an API call somewhere to do it.

  • I am trying to create an automation mechanism to push new files to the Kaseya server.

    That is why I am looking for a curl API solution from Kaseya.

    I am assuming that GetFile is a pull mechanism performed form the Kaseya server.

    If there is documentation that uses GetFile that I could use to pull a file from a remote server that would also meet my needs.

    I thought I saw that I could also push a file to a folder on the Kaseya server, but I was unable to find the folder to push that too again.

  • I am attempting to use the Kaseya API to transfer files from another server to Kaseya.  I did not see how to accomplish that using GetFile. If that is possible please provide the location of the documentation that shows how to accomplish that. I was unable to find an example that uses GetFile to pull a file, but since I am new I suspect I was just looking in the wrong location.


  • Get file is an Agent Procedure command.  You would need to have Kaseya on a machine that has access to the source files, and then you could push/pull those files to the Get File directory for that machine on the KServer.

    Taking a quick look at the API documentation, I do not think you can push/pull a file INTO the KServer using the API.  It seems like you could pull FROM the KServer, but that is clearly not what you are looking to do.

    Can you tell me specifically what you are trying to do, and maybe I can think of a solution for you.  What types of files are you trying to store?  Why do they need to be uploaded to the KServer, etc.?

  • I found another solution.

    Thanks for your responses.