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pre-patch notifications

  • I need your help.  We need to send out pre-patch notifications to the business owners.  We need to do this 24 – 48 hrs before it occurs, however I cannot send those notifications since, for example, the 4th Saturday (notification day) of the month will not always be the previous day before the 4th Sunday(patching day).  How can we accomplish this?

  • Our Multi-Tool product can help you bake this into an agent procedure. It provides 60+ functions that can be called from a procedure for time calculations, string manipulations, math, and more - all returning results to a procedure variable.

    In particular, the TNTO function returns the timestamp of the “next time occurrence”, such as “next Tuesday at 6am” or “third Friday at 8pm” You can easily schedule a procedure on the first of every month to calculate a specific date and then use that to schedule a specific reminder.

    For example: Patching is third Saturday, you want to send a notice 3 days prior, but that may not be the third Wednesday. You would use TNTO to get the date of the Third Saturday, then use TCVT to convert that date to a cTime value (# of seconds since..). Subtract (86400 * 3) and use TCVT to change it from the new cTime to a date that's 3 days before the target. Use that date to schedule the notification procedure.

    You could do this with a bunch of custom code, and write more when it needs to change. With the Multi Tool function library, the code is written and tested, just call the functions, and have this running in an hour. See our website for more details.