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We are using VSA version and Kaspersky version mr3.

Anyone knows if there are any planned new versions of KAV to be included in VSA? We have not upgraded to latest patch, does this include any new KAV agent?

Planning ahead for a new Windows deployment image that we are building and want to include latest version of KAV (which is quite tricky by the way but possible)


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  • You are correct - the current version is the one updated in the .17 release:

    - Upgraded Kaspersky Engine to 10 SP2 MR3. (VSA-1771)

    No changes have been implemented since on the package.

  • and - I know of two newer versions after the version mentioned. We've had (from the / patch) in between and are now up to and that's the version in patch Maybe you've got the KAV version mixed up?