please excuse my English, I try to explain my problem as good as I can.
I have problems with the backup functionality of VSA (latest version;

I am unable to use custom credentials for the image location. Even when I use the button "Connect using specific credentials" I can see with Wireshark, the client tries to connect to the UNC path with the user account of the agent.

An example: the agent credentials are "localhost\kaseya"
The shared folder of a NAS is accessible with "NAS\kbackup"
In Wireshark I can see, it never uses "NAS\kbackup". It always tries to use the agent credentials. It is irrelevant the agent credentials are in a domain or not.
Even if the NAS is in a domain it does not work. The only way to get it work, whether in a domain or not, is to create an account on the NAS with the same name and the same password as the account for the agent credentials.
This works even if the NAS is not in a domain but the agent credential is located in a domain.

Of course it is not a problem of the NAS or Windows. Connecting to the share with the same credentials I give Kaseya for the backup is working. Even setting up Acronis manually works fine, the problem only occurs in VSA. I tried the Internet Explorer, Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera and Firefox. It happens in every organization group.

You can see what I mean on this screenshots I made in my own network to investigate the problem:

Created the user "kbackup" on the NAS. Password is "Test123!", the shared folder is accessible via \\\kaseya.

As you can see, I am able to open the folder in Windows and Acronis:

With the same account in VSA it does not work:

In Wireshark I can see, it is not using the specified account kbackup but the account Kaseya, which is the agent credentials account:

Connecting to the share via Acronis for example shows me, there should be the account "kbackup":

Only solution for me so far: create a user on the NAS with the same user name and the same password as used for the agent credentials in VSA. Interestingly it is not a problem, when the computer is in a domain or the other way around.

I really hope I was able to explain the problem properly.

Do you know a solution for it? I do not want to use the same user for both, for the agent and the backup.

Thank you very much and have a nice evening.