Hello all.

Just earlier last week, our company has started to trial the Mobility (EMM) module within the VSA.  We're liking the features that we've discovered so far, but there's one problem I've come across.  Some of the devices that we have are these little handheld scanners that utilize iPods for them to work.  Many folks at our work who use them across our various showrooms, warehouses, etc, don't want to have to enter a passcode every time they unlock that iPod though.  We just know for a fact that will not work for them because a lot of those users aren't too technically inclined and the last thing we want to have happen is for someone to forget that passcode we set up for them and get them locked out of their device for a finite period of time.

I have tried making sure that the "force password" option is unchecked, which it is.  It is still prompting for the creation of a passcode when I enroll the device in the EMM though, and I don't know why.  Any help here would be much appreciated.