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Mac Support

  • We are seeing an increase in our clients bringing onboard more Macs into their environments.  We are also experiencing issues with the Kaseya agent not working correctly on this platform, especially for the new Mojave OS.  Support advises that they don't officially support this operating system yet.

    I am confused by this statement.  When a new version of the Windows server OS is out in the environment, we as MSPs, need to have support for these operating systems as soon as possible so we can support our clients.  Otherwise, we end up looking at other third-party solutions (workarounds) and ultimately end up having to purchase another piece of software/tool in order to properly support and connect to the endpoints.  This is frustrating to have to pay for more tools when we are supposed to have RMM 2.0.  This is where all of the RMM vendors, in my opinion, seem like they just don't get it or "feel our pain".

    My question is "how long after the release of a new OS to the public before it should be officially supported by a vendor"?  The general appearance of our tools not working in front of the client is not professional.

    It is bad enough we need to look for another solution to manage the Mac OSx as a whole because Kaseya has a lack of focus on these types of agents.  We had to look to other solutions like Addigy to supplement the managed care of these machines.

    The reason why we want to use both agents is that eventually, we want to move off of one of them.  We also want to be able to provide a reliable agent count and comprehensive reporting all in one solution.

    What do others think about the lack of support for the Mac platform?

  • We are similarly struggling. More Mac agents coming online while VSA is simultaneously starting to be more and more problematic with supporting Mac. The KCB installer has been broken on Mac for months causing us to start moving to a new vendor. KRC has been problematic for a while and now we are having trouble with KLC. This is just basic functionality.

    To answer your question, Kaseya *should* be supporting OS's with basic functionality by the time an OS hits RTM. This is an issue on the Windows side as well. I'm not as familiar with Apple's release cycle, but Windows is in public testing is normally 6 or 7 months before general release.

  • It certainly does set the tone for a company that is proactive in their support versus reactive.  For any RMM company not to be looking forward to new versions of Operating Systems gives a bad impression of where they see their revenue coming from or where it should be going to.