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Patch Status page showing incorrect information

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has anyone else noticed an issue with the Patch Management > Manage Machines > Patch Status page showing incorrect information?  I can run reports that are correct but the page shows "Pending Patches" and "Failed Patches" with a count but when you click on them they are blank.  I have a ticket open with support which is going on 10 days now.

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  • Yes, same here. Been happening since about patch .17 or .18, not sure exactly which.

  • I've been noticing the same thing with a small percentage of servers.  It seems to go away on its own after a while for most of them, perhaps when another follow up scan completes.

  • There are actually two different issue with this:

    1. The easy one is a location change of the kPtchMgt2.dll to the #AgentDir#\System directory which should be just #AgentDir# that it appears Kaseya has been addressing in the background without formally acknowledging.  The fix is to copy the file from the system subdirectory to the root of the Agent Working Directory.

    2. Is the patchStatus table gets updated from the patchStatusReports table which our process/procedure is not running as it should.

  • I am seeing the same issue in my VSA as well!

    It either takes a long time for the results to populate, or the Failed and Pending show numbers, but upon clicking them they are blank as well.

  • Run this query and if it shows blank you will need to contact support:

    select * from hermes.event where EventDesc like '%Populate Patch Approval Policy%'

    If it shows data then you have a different issue (recurrence should be 300 seconds)

    Added recurrence item
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