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Kaseya Cloud Backup Issues.

  • I started using kaseya cloud backup in its initial days (over 2 years ago) and did not like as it was half baked product at that time and migrated away from kaseya to acronis cloud.

    After almost 2 years management decided to come back to kaseya. I am in the process of migrating machines back to kaseya. Successfully migrated 1000+ as yet but there are few hundred failing to migrate. I tried all possible methods; installed, resinstalled, uninstall>reboot>reinstall, Manual cleanup of all traces of old installer and reinstall. Opened a support ticket more than a week ago and already did 2-3 remote session with kaseya support, no good as yet. They seems clueless as I can sense.

    High hopes on community. Kindly suggest and also share your experiences of kaseya cloud backup till yet.



  • Anyone Any update?????