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Warning on Potential Issue - Breaks Service Desk

  • Hello Everyone,

    Heads up for people if you plan to upgrade to (and you are using SD)
    After upgrade the Ticket Changed procedure stopped being triggered.

    It is called for New Tickets but never for any change whatsoever.

    Still working with Kaseya to resolve the problem, but to let you know.

    Best Regards


  • I thought about doing it this weekend but I guess now.. Yes we use it heavily... do you have a ticket number for reference?

  • Hello Alessandro, We have updated to .19 and our SD Ticket notifications are working correctly.

  • We're also on .19 and have not seen the issue with service desk.

  • Hello Buster,

    Ticket Number: 347995 for the Ticket On Change broken functionality.

    Then 348974 for the search box (that's not working either on tickets).

    I hope the issue is only related to our installation but we had no issues prior to the upgrade and had no errors updating kaseya.

    We went from to

    Best Regards


  • Everyone,

    Turns out that On Change issue could be fixed by creating a new procedure, copy / paste the code from previous Procedure to the New one, Save and it worked again.

    Hope this helps in case you have the same problem.

    No idea what's the issue behind but I don't need to know.

    For the Search Box not working still looking into it.

    Best Regards