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Uninstall a program that is password protected (upon uninstall)

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How can we automate Kaseya agent to uninstall a program that is password protected? I have the uninstall code with me though.

I have created a uninstall by product guid procedure which works (according to the logs) but the program is still not uninstalled.

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  • I did a quick Google search on this and depending on the program, you may not be able to....Symantec and Trend Micro do not allow you to uninstall silently so you need to remove the password requirement in order to do so.  What program are you trying to uninstall?

  • Can you give us more details about the program and what u have currently scripted

  • Some programs will have a switch you can add to the command line sometimes its as simple as PASSWORD= I would look into that. Is it an AV program?  

  • Hi Karode,

    It is Fireeye

  • Hi Youri,

    uninstallbyproductguid("EF5DBF89-642B-484B-9023-A306C2526652", "Quiet with no restart","All Operating Systems", "Halt on Fail")

  • Hi Corey,

    Its Fireeye

  • Hi Vincencio, is the program .exe or .msi installer?

  • Some applications allow for removal via the actual command itself.  Kaspersky is a good example of this where you execute the full command and guid to uninstall and the removal password at the end of the string.  

    This is similar to what  mentioned.  Please keep in mind not all security products support this medium for security reasons.

  • .msi

  • I would suggest contacting FireEye support to see if it is possible.  As mentioned, some security products specifically do not allow the password to be passed to the uninstaller in a script.