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VSA 9.5 Webroot Add-on Module

  • We have and use the Webroot add-on to VSA 9.5.  There are options to create an alarm, ticket or send an email.  The alarm, ticket and email notification is generic and does not specify "Webroot" as the root cause anywhere in the notification thereby leaving us to guess.  We cannot find any editable Webroot monitoring sets, event log alerts or any other editable items to change or add to the notification text.  Anyone have an idea or is this not a Kaseya issues and more a Webroot add-on vendor specific issue?

    Ticket Title: Collection of data on es-cin66.is not working


    [Ticket Notes ~ticRefId='21496']

    Ticket ID: 21496

    Machine ID: es-cin66. Log in and view ticket Ticket [http://xxxxxxxx.net/vsaPres/Web20/core/KHome.aspx?ticId=21496]



    Date: 9:24:12 pm 8-Dec-18


    Collection of status data is failing for es-cin66. at 2018-12-08 21:23

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  • this module was a good first effort but it was poorly written

    I am working on ripping it out of my vsa because you have no control over the Agent procedures being ran.. and that's not good when you have a lot of agents

  • I can second Buster's thoughts, The module is a good idea but I am currently moving back to my normal Webroot deployment and monitoring sets as the Webroot module leaves a fair bit to be desired.

  • I use the Webroot portal for all my alerting. You can make it say whatever you want.

  • We are still testing which method gives us the better results.  Alarms and alerts from the Webroot add-on or as Ryan stated, from the Webroot Management Console as we are testing those as well.

    As Buster states.  "No control" of the Webroot module other then "pre-canned" settings is a disappointment.

  • The webroot module intergration is getting better in a few months. But the issue is Kaseya doesn't wanna give access to the databases yet...

    We are kind of migrating from kaspersky to webroot since the webroot client works better and runs smoother and much less issues. Also we have directly support through the portal when needed.

    So far i like the product, but indeed the webroot needs to be integrated better.

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  • It appears installing the Webroot module installs a second database and peaking around that database shows that my VSA is communicating with another VSA for webroot add-on.  Links to and old VSA 7.0 license.greaterintell.com/.../login.aspx

    DB: GIDB

  • Hey guys,

    A new version of the Webroot module has been published on the exchange (On-Prem).

  • We updated last month.  We are currently on

    Webroot Plugin Version 2.1.524

  • We'll be updating to the new 2.5 version, updating integration, over the weekend.

    I'm wondering if these comments are based on the new or old 2.1 module.

  • The new module, version 2.5.18334, fixes numerous issues and improves on the communication via the Kaseya Agent.  We had several open tickets with Kaseya/Webroot prior to the update and they are all closed post patch. I highly recommend that you update.


     Added agent commands drop down list to Deployment and Status Dashboard screen, reducing the number of clicks and allowing administrator to run agent commands on multiple machines.

     Single-click sign on to GSM, allowing single-click access to the Sites menu within the GSM console.

     Webroot Portal button added to the Deployment and Status Dashboard screen for faster access to the GSM console.

     Added Webroot policy name to Deployment and Status Dashboard grid.

     Manage mass install/uninstall actions to stop users accidentally removing or installing large numbers of endpoints. Added notification for the admin to positively acknowledge to make sure of a large install/uninstall and streamlined the background processes to handle large tasks.*


     Health check to make sure endpoints are uninstalled correctly. Added more tests to keep endpoint in sync with GSM.

     MID Collision enhancements, check hostname if duplicates are found. This allows Webroot API calls to update data for specific endpoints.

     Cleaned up Deployment and Status Dashboard grid, moved status to front of table.

  • I upgrade to 9.5 Friday night, along with WR 2.5.18834. I had an issue with the schema update the Sarath was kind enough to help me with after hours. I have entered our API credentials without issue. My problem is that none of our existing systems (around 3K) are showing as having Webroot installed now, and none of the Webroot Site Keys are showing for the client groups. Unless someone has a tip to get this corrected, I'm going to open a case with support on Monday.

  • The 2.5 installation is really easy, taking maybe 5 minutes, after which you have to do a Reapply Database Schema. Looks good and starting to feel good as well.

  • The new Webroot plugin has information in the Kaseya database. I confirmed myself.

    I know your automation skill-set will leverage this to the highest level.

  • Hi Oscar,

    What i mean with databases of webroot. It still uses its own machine group, view and machine id. If you go to agent fill in your machine group and go to webroot it doesn't copy the machine group to the webroot module. We spoken with webroot at Kaseya Europe and they told us they don't have access to make this possible.

    I'm not sure if this still is going on.. But we would like that the module takes over the machine group from manage agent etc.

    Kind Regards,