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Live Connect Connection Gateway

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In live connect the Network Information use to show the outside IP of the clients router/firewall. Now it shows our default gateway.

We used this a lot to find the client outside ip for testing. Why did it change and can I change it back.

It is  under Live Connect, Audit Information, Network Information, Connection Gateway.

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  • We have had this because of a NAT on the firewall made it appear that connection gateways are an internal device.

  • We use this a lot too. Still works for us, haven't seen any changes lately.

  • We did change from a Cisco ASA to a Fortigate firewall about the same time as the latest patch.

    I will see what if anything I can change in the settings.

  • We got with Fortinet and found an issue with the firewall. Some how the firewall was doing double Natting. We fixed and now everything is OK.