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Migrating reports from old kaseya to new Kaseya

  • Hi,

    We are migrating from the older version of Kaseya to a new Tenant account and would like to migrate the reports created on the older version of Kaseya.

    Is there a way to export and import  the reports?

    [edited by: Utkarsh at 10:52 AM (GMT -8) on Nov 16, 2018]
  • In System, onder System Management you've got the Import Center and that's also your Export Center.

    You've got 4 options (in our 9.5 version), export Reports, Data Parts, Templates and Name Value Instances. So, that should be enough. I half remember there was some issue with folders and subfolders, but you can test this when you import stuff.

    If you need to export things you can't find in the Import Center, you should contact Kaseya. I know there's a tool they created to assist in migrating information. It helped us a lot when we migrated our old Kaseya server to a new set of freshly installed servers.