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Disabling Windows Firewall notifications

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Hey guys,

Looking to turn off the Windows firewall notifications for our clients. Anyone know how to script this or have any known methods to do this through Kaseya? Can't find a whole lot of info on it. Was hoping it would be as simple as tweaking a registry entry, hah.

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  • Procedure Disable Windows Firewall.xml

    There is a procedure in System->Core->1 Windows Procedures->Software Control->Windows Firewall called Disable Windows Firewall.  I am attaching it just in case you don’t have it…


    Bud Manz

  • Appreciate it bud but I've been able to control the disabling and enabling of the firewalls. It's the annoying notifications that tend to freak people out when their firewall is required to be off. I'd prefer not to have to manually adjust these.

  • Yeah, I realized after I sent the post that it really didn't answer anything for you.  I agree with you that it would be possible with a registry tweak but I don't know what that would be.  How wide of a variety of OS's are you working with?  I know there is a way to turn off the notifications manually but don't have a clue what registry key it affects.

  • I believe this disables all Security and Maintenance notifications -


    Windows.SystemToast.SecurityAndMaintenance\Enabled = 0 (DWORD)

    Or there is another recommendation here --> www.ghacks.net/.../disable-security-messages-on-windows-10