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Schedule a Procedure after a reboot

  • hello,

    I am trying to find a way to either schedule a procedure after a reboot or execute a file after a reboot, then to have it run if the user is logged in.  Is this possible?

    thank you

  • , if you are rebooting because of patching, you can schedule an agent procedure right from there.  

    If you are talking about ANY reboot, then it is a two step process.   First would be to monitor for uptime.  You can do this with a Monitor set, using the System Object, and the System Up Time counter.   Just monitor for the counter to be under say 600 seconds (10 min).   As I recall, you don't want to make that too low, because the counter starts as soon as the machine boots, and if it takes longer for everything to come up, you might miss the window.     

    Once this triggers, you can run a script as the alert.

  • One of the cool things about our solution is the wealth of integrated utilities it provides.

    We have a utility that is invoked by an A-P, it schedules itself "at startup". When deployed, you can define either a local command or Agent Procedure to execute, plus a delay saying how long to wait after startup before running. You can specify the command and argument list for a local command or an Agent Procedure and up to 4 arg/value pairs to pass to the A-P. Using and alternate argument, it can be configured to run "at logon" instead of "at startup" if you wanted to tie it to a user event.

    The A-P that initiates the process prompts for the arguments to control the operation of the utility.

    This is an offshoot of our Agent Migration utility, which can totally remove a Kaseya agent from a machine, reboot, then download a fresh agent from (another) VSA, run the installer and even target a specific machine group.