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Windows server 2019 support

  • Guys,

    Could be missed it but didn't see an anouncement about Windows Server 2019 support. When does Kaseya support Windows server 2019?


  • If part history is anything to go by, wait 3-6 months after the OS goes public. Hopefully this time around they're more responsive than has been the case in the past....but I'm not holding my breath.

  • From what I saw and heard at the European Connect, I certainly believe support will arrive earlier than we've seen in the past for this new OS version. And there's an easy way to give Kaseya a bit of incentive. If more customers create tickets requesting support for Windows 2019 it get's more weight and get's done faster. Obviously this is how it should work, although it's not always been like this....

  • Already submit an request for this: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../360025869912-Support-for-Windows-Server-2019

    It's still pending as all my post are for days now...

  • Submitting tickets about something as obvious shouldn't be needed. It's like submitting tickets to an accounting firm asking them to support posting for the upcoming year.

    Kaseya have been able to test 2019 since since march so there is no excuse, it's just bad planing, like allways.

  • - That's oh so true, but also a bit of reality. There have been some changes in how this is managed. So, consider this a bit of education for Kaseya. If we don't tell them what we care about, we give them the option to make different choices.

    I totally agree they should understand new software needs to be supported. The minute it comes out, someone will start using it and we have to manage it. Simple logic dictates Kaseya should support it right away since it's in the business of managing and supporting machines and new software is a big part of it.

    Simple example of this is the 'old' labels that identify software for you. It's current to about 1,5 years ago, not supporting SQL 2017 or Exchange 2016. So, you have to create your own labels, find your own way. And that's the easy part, since supporting a new OS will be more work, but work that needs to be done anyway. What I don't understand is why Kaseya would aggravate their users by waiting so long, making their tasks more difficult and sometimes even impossible.

    Whoops, fixed a typo with aggrevate, possibly aggravating the reader
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  • The last answer that I heard from Kaseya indicated end of Q1 - With the VSA patch it enables the inventory of the new OS (Server 2019) - I have not heard of an 'official' response of support as of yet.