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KAV & KAM MacOS Support

  • Hey all,

    We run a large amount of Mac in our company and it would be nice to centrally manage the AV and AM on them. With both Kaspersky & Malwarebytes now offering Mac support can we expect to see Mac support added into the AV & AM modules of Kaseya in the next couple of months?

  • If only there was a roadmap ............

  • Ha ha ha ha! If only!

     We would love to see that too, but we would also be amazed if it actually happened.

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  • We have integrations with Webroot and Bitdefender which support OSX/Linux endpoints as well.

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  • @Oscar Romera, what about Kaspersky?

  • Totally butchered my name LOL.

    Kaspersky will not support MAC OSX via our module at this time.