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User Role for Remote Control Only

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I am trying to configure a user role that should only be able to start a shared remote session. I created a user role for this and have whittled down the Role Access Rights to the point where very few options remain. Here is my hierarchy, please note none of the child options are checked unless specified:

Agent -> Agents -> Manage Agents

Audit -> Asset -> View Assets

Audit- > View Individual Data- > Machine Summary -> Remote Control

Live Connect -> Home -> Home

Quick View -> Quick Launch Functions -> Remote Control

System -> User Settings (Both children are checked)

The issue I'm having is when I launch a remote session from quick view, the Live Connect window pops up as well. This would not be an issue if the Live Connect Access Rights were honored, but they're not. With this set of options checked, if you start a remote session from Quick View, a Live Connect window appears with all the options available (typing whoami at the powershell console in the Live Connect window replies nt authority\system). I assumed unchecking everything under Quick View would get rid of the options, but it certainly does not. If I uncheck the final check box in Live Connect (Home -> Home) I can no longer launch a remote session.

Thank you for your time!

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