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Audit module/Software Management (VSA 9.5 on Premise)

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I am using the Software Management module for Windows and third party updates. I ran into an issue where a bad MS KB was deployed and wanted to find where it had been installed. I checked the audit module but the audit module appears to not audio system update/hot fixes.they are not under add/remove.  I went to generate a report updates are not in audit report parts, I went to Software management and for the patch by status report part, which did bring up the patch but it was only one entry and I cannot select the host column. In the end I went with a completely different product to get my report.

Here is are my questions

1. Why doesn't the audit module audit the installed updates?

2. What are users doing to generate a report of missing or installed patches?

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  • Hi proytv,

    Instead of Add/Remove, check the Installed Applications tab in Audit and you should find the updates there. For reporting you can use the Applications or Current Application Info data sets under Audit. Please let me know if this works for you.

    Thank you,


  • Hello proytv,

    You can see all installed updates from  Software Management / Management / Patch History.

    And there you can sort by Patch Name.

    Greetings Till

  • Audit does not show windows updates. It will show installed programs but not the updates/hot fixes. I just tested and installed applications does the same thing. Searched for KB4092436 and KB4130978 under installed applications and I still get no results.I can find different programs installed but windows patch updates are technically programs and a dll update would be listed as a program.

  • This does help a bit but it is not a printable report.

  • Hey,

    Create a Custom report Part.

    Info Center --> Configure & DEsign --> Report Parts

    Go to Software Management and click on Faild And Completed.

    click on New

    Create you Report Part as youre wishes.

    After that create  a Report Template from the report Part

    Info Center --> DConfgiure & Design --> Report Templates

    Go to Software Management and click Add

    Choose Report Parts and collaps Software Management and Failed And Complete.

    There you can find you Report Part. Drag and Drop and configure it.

    After that Save and choose the template. Click Preview

    Greetings Till