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Script to auto run iexplorer on a workstation and pointing to a specific URL

  • I was wondering if anyone knows how to setup a script to automatically run iexplorer on login at a workstation and to have it set to a particular URL.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  • Yes, I don't have on that will automatically open IE upon login, but I do have one to, when IE opens, open to a defined URL. Let me look the first part and add to this procedure.

  • You can put the shortcut in the startup folder on the PC and it will open after login

  • That makes sense. Thanks,

    ill work on that later today.

  • would you like it for specific users or everyone on the PC?

  • Is there a way to put the shortcut in the startup for all workstations thru a Kaseya script?

  • All users would be great. I just want to be able to run a Kaseya script that will insert the iexplorer in startup and point it to our home page.

  • Can you share the script to point IE to a specified URL as I think I have a script to automatically open IE, just don't know how to set it to go to our home page.

    many thanks

  • By the way my email address is don.evans@habc.org

  • I sent you the procedures via private message. Let me know if it doesn't work.