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Removing a device from Kaseya

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Good afternoon!

We used version 8.0.0 of Kaseya MDM to manage a number if iPads.  I have been asked the question:

"What if we delete the device from Kaseya portal.  Will the device stop working, or in fact show any sign that it has been removed from the management portal"

A search in the KB doesn't seem to answer that specific question, and we can't add a new device, then delete it as a test (adding new devices just doesn't work - I suspect that this is because of how old the version we are using is.

I would be very grateful for any advice you can give.


The Grumpy One.

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  • Technically the device will be removed from the portal.  It will not hinder or brick the device in anyway from the Mobility Management Side (Not BYOD).