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Roadmap for 9.6

  • Well, it's not so much that bug fixing has slowed exactly.

    There has been an announcement recently that patching was going to be a monthly job and they are targeting the 20th for releasing a monthly fix. Unfortunately the July fix (among others enforcing TLS 1.2) had issues on testing and hasn't been released. I was told it was rescheduled twice and rejected twice. I should have a conversation about our tickets where the patch schedule will be a point of interest.....

  • Where was the monthly patch release announced? There are so many things so many people don't know about unless you're looking in the right place.

  • Didn't see any communication regarding the change in patching frequency.

    Sorry to be cynical but Kaseya over the years has able to contact me when they are trying to sell me something but can't find my contact details when there is something else to communicate!!

    Kaseya, I have asked this of you so many times. Improve your communication with us, your customers.

    I am sure we would all prefer to receive updates, good and bad, willingly from Kaseya. Rather than having to drag them out or hear about them from others on this forum, following one on one meetings.

    Not all of us can make it to Connect, whether in the US or overseas, and it's only once a year.

    I write software and know from experience that having an open communication channel with your users pays huge dividends, getting rid of those niggly little bugs goes along way to keeping people happy.

    You are a Feature Request on the website that people vote on, yet the items with the highest votes don't have any comments as to whether they are ever likely to make it into the product.

    In regards to Roadmaps, if you don't like the name change it to a vision statement. We all know that Roadmaps are not things that are set in stone but what you are trying to put in the next release.

  • We have used Kaseya for over 10 years. It's definitely not perfect. But even with the lack of quality customer service and other challenging glitches and issues, we have learned to work around them. We believe the platform was the best fit for us compared to what was on the market over the years. This may change soon.

    After not hearing from them for months, We recently started getting calls... a lot of calls and pressure to switch to the "new" platform that would allow us to utilize other Kaseya add on products.

    If you have started getting calls pressing you to switch, they are doing this to get you to sign 1, 2 or 3 year agreements. They want to increase, contractual, recurring revenue in preparation to sell/merge the company. I've seen and been part of several M&As over the years. This is exactly what is done.

    A Venture Capital Firm helped select Key members of the executive team, to increase revenue and lower overhead. This doesn't mean it will definitely happen. It just means that's what they want to happen and are setting up the company to get the most they can if/when it does happen. After being badgered about signing a contract for weeks, I bottom lined the rep and he confirmed this to me. Make no mistake, if they are this far in to it, there is already acquisition/merger interest in them.

    Knowing this info, the may do some if necessary but I do not expect them to put much $ in patches, enhancements or upgrades. I also do not expect them to start regular monthly patching.

    Depending on how this shakes out, it could be good for R&D and  future upgrades. But, now that they have slowed their patch/update/upgrade pace this year over the last couple of years, their competition is quickly closing the gap on them.  We have been aggressively looking at other products and are seeing a lot of promising things.

    Doesn't mean we will totally jump ship on them yet, but we will definitely put new MSP customers on another platform

  • - I tried to find the announcement or forum post for the monthly release cycle of patches, but couldn't find it again. Since it was confirmed by good old John Nuttall, it's certainly true.

    - Maybe you can post something on the patch release forum for all to see. Make it a sticky for such an important change....

    - +1 on your observations, allthough our CSR does really care about helping us. When I need to get something done or taken care of, I can certainly rely on him to take the steps needed and alert management... Other than having to deal with the pitfalls of the Kaseya product I can't complain.

    - Interesting observation, but I feel it's premature. Our last look at competitors was two years ago and then it wasn't worth it to move, at least not for us...I know the online platform is their preferred choice and has been for a while, which certainly makes sense for them. We've been running our own Kaseya servers for a long time and haven't been pressured in any way. Maybe it's just a CSR wanting to generate some revenue and he or she is a bit creative in getting results.

    Interesting Times - if you don't know this book by the late Terry Pratchett, read it, laugh and feel better!


  • This seems to be the norm with great software. I used to be a Kace customer but now Quest for over 5 years and it was a great piece of software. It turned into what everyone is complaining about with Kaseya.

  • I'm sure I'm beating a dead horse at this point as many great people have already commented on this forum page - but is there any active development happening on Kaseya anymore?  I see on this forum that a 9.6 is coming out - but as nothing has been fixed in 9.5 and I barely hear from my CSR (at least other than every 3 months when the hot potato changes hands) - I have NO IDEA what's going on with Kaseya....

  • and for what it's worth - I had to disable TLS 1.1, I had to deal with HTTPOnly and RequireSSL, and I had to change Kaseya code to use a newer version of jQuery all to stay PCI compliant so we can continue to use this product.  

    At this point, it would be a  lot easier if the source code was just made publicly available so we could support development and fix our remaining bugs that are in compiled code and haven't been fixed for years....

  • There is development but just in the wrong direction. IT Glue integration?

    I can't access my machines at a decent speed and I need more tools to document it? :-)

    Fix KRC (or develop one may be based on RDP protocol but with the ability to access user session, may be copying from open source products such as FreeRDP, Guacamole etc..) or integrate / merge / acquire / be purchased by Teamviewer.

    Fix KNM.

    Fix Software Management (as someone pointed out)

    Get the VSA Core working nice and smooth.

    But I guess building a new module gives you a potential of additional income.

    Fixing the existing modules is just a cost.

    But probably if you want to sell the Company you want the revenue as high as possible to maximize the sales price (no matter if by then you have messed the whole product with dead modules that won't be maintained... the problem goes to the buyer :-) ).

    One can only hope for a slight change in strategy...

  • Someone notice that JAVA SE (c)  will require commercial license soon? (www.java.com/.../release_notice.jsp)

    I hope Kaseya will drop this on next VSA version!

    It was bad choice to start using it in the first place.

  • : My guess is they will time their 9.6 release with the European Kaseya Connect event in October. At least they'll have an announcement about it, as the buzz about this release is to be trusted. Whatever happened to beta testing I have no idea. They might go with promoting patch to 9.6 status. Communication, communication anyone???

  • , Kaseya new strategy is public beta test best way to test new things.... Also request to get the beta but there is none. Think they just release and see what happend...

    Hope they will have better prospect at Connect.

  • OK, strange thing here. I got an email update yesterday about a post to this thread. The post was a bit critical about the way Kaseya is doing lately, but nothing extreme.

    But now, poof, the post is gone. Is Kaseya now deleting posts it doesn't like? Or is it just a bug, which would make more sense :-(

    Added: I wasn't sure deleting your own posts was an option, but just checked and maybe  did actually delete the post himself. In which case I'm curious about his reasons....

    Question for Alessandro added...
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  • I have noticed that if you edit your own post shortly after posting it, in most cases the system will flag it as possible spam and remove the post pending administrator approval. It's annoying because most times I just wanted to fix a typo that I didn't see before hitting the post button.

    This is one possible cause of 'vanishing posts'.

  • I just wish I could keep an account rep long enough to get anything done.  I've gone through 7 account reps in 5 years - and just as this last one called and was setting up development calls to address issues - out of no where he vanished and 2 months went by where no emails were returned.  I emailed support only to find out he's not my account rep anymore.

    Can we just keep an account rep for more than 4 months???  Now I'm on to the next account rep who thus far isn't returning emails and I get to start ALL OVER.  It's only been 3 years with the same handful of issues.

    I realize since we only have 10,000 agents we're not the biggest account out there - but returning an email or a voicemail would be AWESOME...