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Roadmap for 9.6

  • Will there be a roadmap for 9.6 and then 9.7 posted at all?


  • We presented our roadmap and vision at  our Connect conference.  While we construct our road-map to be shared publicly; you can reach out to your account manager to schedule a presentation around the roadmap and vision with one of my colleagues and they would be happy to share it with you.

  • Hey Oscar,

    I was at Connect -  I'm not sure if the original topic owner on this was or not, but that was almost two months ago -- i think he (and I) would like some kind of written commitment beyond a presentation, ideally with target dates -- you know, like a roadmap :)

    I know I'm excited for the upcoming changes, and we'd like to have the ability to share those changes internally with people beyond word of mouth.

  • Is there a recording of the presentation at the Connect conference?

    If so please make it available to us all.

    Also as Chris states, some dates around the Roadmap would help as well. Don't want to have a repeat of 2017 with no major release delivered.

    There are areas of the product that need some serious attention:

    Reporting          make it easier to use - others RMM tools provide better reporting

    Ticketing           what is happening here - we have ticketing, Service desk and BMS

    KRC                  is this going to stay or be replaced with a 3rd party, teamviewer or equivalent

    Patching            use what Patch Management or Software Deployment

    Look and Feel   work towards a standard look and feel, different parts look and act differently

    Is am sure there are more, but these are the things that annoy me day to day.

    Personally and as many have requested on Feature requests site, lets get the current product working as it should and then look at the adding of new features. Sure there will be new features that are required to be added and it might be easier to replace a current module with a new one, but communicate with us.

    The competition has caught up and a number have overtaken Kaseya in the RMM space.

    Let's work towards making Kaseya great.


  • There are a limited number of sessions from Connect that are available to attendees. It's only the presentations, not a video recording. If you would like access to those materials, please reach out to your customer success rep.

  • So any further updates this year to 9.5 and is there going to be a posted suggested road map to 9.6? Its nearing the end of July 2018 and no useful information posted and many issues still unresolved.

  • Kaseya appears to have lost it's way once again. No communication, no outlook to the future, very few problems being fixed, an obverse desire for secrecy (Who knew IT glue integration was coming, until patch .12 appeared, for example?)

    Meanwhile at kaseya, yet another website redesign, announcement of K1 vapourware, yet another backup product (That makes 5, I think), no rpadmap (it's a changelog, not a roadmap), more changes in the leadership team, and I know the one guy that was working hard for positive change, was recently let go.

    Anyhow, i waste my breath, since nobody from management actually reads any of this.

  • Craig,

    I would say that's a little harsh honestlly, Kaseya Connect completely covered that IT glue integration was coming and they had postings on their site about it on April 9th in the Kaseya blog.  The backup product actually looks pretty nice, so nice that our company will be reviewing it due to it possibly being more economical than some other solutions that are costly for smaller clients (like veeam).  I don't believe leadership has changed since Kaseya connect, I am not privy to that information, but I believe one of their new additions John Durant is a very impressiive individual and his vision on dev output being truly agile, and quality, is awesome and I am very much looking forward to his impact on future development.

    Sure Kaseya probably can do better on some fronts and I also critisize some of the issues I deal with but in the end its a hefty product and they a lot of customers to satisfy. I would say they hit the mark on most fronts, but others need great improvement and give admins a lot of greif, but I am glad to use the product because it does make my life easier in my tasks more than it complicates it.


  • We just had a meeting with Kaseya and apparently 9.6 is due for release in October

  • Anybody hear if they are going to do the VSA beta program again? I have not heard anything on this

  • You know...

    "It was covered at Connect" is great but not everyone could attend, and that was months ago now. Here I am, fighting to keep Kaseya in place here, but some of these communications shenanigans make that very, very difficult.

  •  mate, I'm in Australia. Attending connect isn't viable for us... We rely on public information, not secret information reserved only to those who attended connect.

    After about 4 years, we finally have a customer success rep located on the same continent as we are (The Australian office has been apparently unstaffed for a number of years) hopefully this is the start of better communication for us. we will see.

  • Craig,

    First off, I'll say that you're one of the few people who's feedback and insight I follow and think highly of. It would be a shame for you to lose faith and take your talent elsewhere.

    As far as your CSR, "you" (the royal kind, as in "EVERYONE") should communicate regularly with them. Let them know what you're up to, what's new, and what potential deals you have coming. They can only help you as much as you let them, and that means communication. If you don't have a CSR assigned, lobby for one. Ask for the CSR Director if necessary to make your voice heard.  They're crucial to getting things done and getting good and timely information. I CC my CSR on every support ticket I open (for us or our MSP clients), and our business manager and I - individually or together - have conversations with our CSR at least weekly.

    To add to Brian's comments - Kaseya's management team has continued to improve. A few years ago, it felt like it would take an act of God and/or Congress to just get information or have a conversation about challenges that we face. Last Thursday at a Local Connect event, Fred said "If you have a problem, reach out. I may not be the one to fix it, but I'll find out who can." We've been struggling with some API logic that even our TAP contact could not resolve, so we took Fred up on his offer on Friday morning and sent him an email. We had a response within the hour and both C.J. and John Durant were asked to assist. By the end of the day on Friday, John had provided a document that explained the process in detail and led to a solution. Kudos to John for getting the right people involved and even personally delivering the information.

    I'm with you on the multiple backup products - but this time I think they got it right. We've evaluated every one of the prior products and never used any, but this one is, well, awesome. Our engineer responsible for backup management called support to get help configuring the first 2 clients. His first thought was "this is going to take days.., and some L1 tech is going to read from the manual as we deploy it." An hour later, he popped into my office, giddy like a schoolgirl - "Their support is the best I've ever experienced - I spoke with a senior guy, he took time to explain what he was doing and walked me through both setups!"  If forced to choose between a great product with good support and a good product with excellent support, we'll always choose the latter. This is so good, in fact, that we're looking at replacing our combination of Veeam and StorageCraft solutions with this offering as support contracts for those expire.

    Is VSA perfect? If it was, we wouldn't have a product to offer. There's definitely room for improvement - standards between modules for one, and don't even get me started on the fiasco called Software Management!

    Can management get better? Sure, but it feels like they're heading in the right direction. And, while Fred might not be prowling the forums, you can be sure that other senior staff and their teams are. I've been contacted a couple of times by senior product or development managers after posting here about challenges or solutions. They're listening to what we say, it might be nice if they let us know once in a while.

    Oh, and should the roadmap be a roadmap that's published and shared with all customers? Yes, but - as a developer, I know that a "product roadmap"  is more like one of those cartoon maps that shows the points of interest with a main road or two, and not something that Rand McNally would publish to get you from here to there. I guess they've been burned too many times by being unable to deliver everything they put on the map.

    Keep the faith, my friend!


  • Let me add my two cents to this little discussion, which is both positive and negative...

    First things first: 'Do I like Kaseya?' - -> Well, I recognize a lot of potential, but it sure annoys the hell out of me. I hear Craig loud and clear. And that goes for the product as well as the support you sometimes have to deal with.

    To be fair, the product does work for us day to day, at maybe 80 to 90% of the potential it has. Although that sounds high it means one or two in ten things you need and want to do and should be able to do, are out of your reach or you have to jump through hoops to get it done. We've been with Kaseya for 10 years and more and we know there's a lot that needs work and has needed work for months and even years. The pace of fixing things can be maddening at times, and more so if you know the fix involved is a small thing.

    I happen to have a programming background and really get that little things for one man you could fix easily, may mean a night and day difference for another. Picking and choosing what gets fixed and when is a tough one. You have to depend on the input you get, the tickets that are made, to tell you who is affected and if that could be important to more than just one customer.

    I think a lot of customers have 'accepted' some things are broken and are diligently working around features that are not doing what they should be doing. It really takes an enormous amount of time to report issues, test the things that don't work and get Kaseya to take note. I don't have time to do just that, at least not every day and week. I do have a job to do that does include using Kaseya, but there's a lot more to it and hours in the day tend to disappear rapidly, without spending hours with support to chase issues. At the moment I have about 25 tickets open and if I wanted it wouldn't be hard to open 25 more.

    That being said, let's talk a little bit about support. General support can be disappointing with tickets taking a familiar route. A first level technician reads your ticket and tells you an investigation of the issue is made. The broken stuff issues tend to be out of reach of those techs, which is fine. I understand the need for some basic look at your issue to filter the how-do-I-do-this questions from the why-is-this-broken type of issues. I'm confident Craig and Glenn, you'll both create tickets with the broken type and so the first level tech can't help you and after a day or two the issue goes up the chain. 

    If an issue is important to you and it is a real bug and not a can-I-do-this-better-or-faster issue it does help do involve your CSR and make it clear this is not acceptable. If  you make enough waves and it's valid, they really get things moving. I've talked to all sorts of management and was able to get connected to the right people at the right time. I haven't used the option to involve Fred on our issues, but have sent feedback and some of our frustration to him and Alex Cuevas. Use your contacts (but don't overuse them) when it's appropriate and you need to get things done. It works....

    When CEO Fred Voccola came on board he did a goodwill tour of the globe. I had the chance to talk to him and Alex about their understanding where Kaseya was at and where it should go from there. That was a good discussion, Fred is a no nonsense kind of guy that rolls up his sleeves and gets things done and Alex is passionate about customers and getting them the support they deserve and need. The past 3 or 4 years they have been steering Kaseya, struggling to climb the mountain they slid down in the years before that. It's trending in the right direction, but boy would you like it to be faster.

    Enough talk, just two things to finish. Glenn +1 on Software Management, wow, what a dud. Roadmaps are difficult, but only talking about new stuff at Connect is a bit strange. And having to to ask your CSR for a copy and an obligatory speech to sell it to you sounds a bit strange to me. General directions should be available on the forum after being presented at Connect. Just the basics, the gist of what's planned would do. If you want to know more, then it's time to contact Kaseya and they are really more than willing to help you, the customer!

    Keep faith, push and prod Kaseya and we'll all be better for it..


  • Well the speed they are fixing bugs etc seems to have slowed again. No Patch for 9.5 since 29th June

    We all know there are things that can be fixed, so you would think they could release at least one patch a month!

    If 9.6 is supposed to be released in October then producing a Roadmap for it should be easy, as what's in it should not change.

    Interestingly my CSR has just been changed and was trying to tell me that Software Management was working, after I said that people on the Forum didn't rate it and not fit for production environment. Eric's comment just enforces this.