I hope you all don't mind a post about something other than Kaseya...

Wondering what thoughts/ideas you might have about this scenario.   Have a server running a specially reporting suite that outputs PDF files to a folder.   The user is wanting to have those files automatically printer to an IP based HP Laserjet M605 printer (PCL6) without any user interaction or a user logged into the server or client.  

I have concerns about putting Adobe Reader on the server to process the print jobs.  So, is there another print processing software I could use that's more secure for printing PDFs and doesn't require constant patching/updating.   Or, is there a way to print the PDF without use of additional software.

Another thought was to have files dumped into a "hot folder" on even the client, but then the client would have to be logged in most likely.  Prefer not to use HP ePrint features, as these documents are highly sensitive and we need to keep here on our secure local network.