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Report that shows a specific folder

  • I have been tasked with making a report that would show which machine has a specific folder, and a separate report that shows which ones do not have the specific folder. I think I got it pretty close by using the Applications Report Part, and then building it out as follows:

    Columns: Computer Name, Group Name, Last Logged In User, Directory Path

    Order By: Computer Name

    Group By:Group Name

    Advanced Filters: Directory Path > Like or Not Like > c:\fakefolder

    However when I run this, it reports every application that is in that folder, on multiple lines. So each computer that has that folder with multiple applications in it will be on the report multiple times. We would like it to be very simple and show just once. I have checked machine filters, but do not see anything that would allow me to narrow the report. Any suggestions that would allow me to report which computers that have or don't have that folder and report it only once?

  • The easiest way off the top of my head would be to run an agent procedure to look for that folder, and update a Custom System Info field to indicate if the Folder existed or not, and then report off of that custom info field.

  • Add a second filter for the name of a particular executable that only exists once within that folder (if possible)? Otherwise - reporting on applications is an odd way to test for a folder, I'd usually write an agent procedure that tests for the folder and writes the result to the agent procedure log, then report on the agent procedure log to see which ones had the log entry or not.

  • I agree with the suggestions here. I personally would write the results in the agent procedure logs as my custom fields are precious to me =)

  • Can we print out an "audit trail" for a specific folder, i.e., a record of who looked at, uploaded or downloaded what when? It looks like this question has been asked a couple times but I haven't found an answer, evene seeing on: Tutuapp 9Apps Aptoide

    Thank you

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  • You want a report of file accesses? I think you're looking into some serious NTFS audit logging (and/or a third-party product) rather than anything Kaseya can do natively, I'm afraid.