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Alert: Patch broke Software Management?

  • I installed yesterday (from and now Software Management seemingly doesn't respond to "Scan Now", "Force Update" or "Deploy Now".  I have rebooted the server and tried multiple times.   Have a ticket in and will update the community when I find out anything.

    Just might want to hold off on patching your servers until I hear back if you use Software Management.

  • Re-applied patch and Software Management completely disappeared.   Rebooted server, and it is back and working properly.

    But now, I'm experiencing the constant/slow page refresh issues (in every module) that  "everyone" else has been complaining about that I really hadn't been experiencing in any patch level of R9.5.  (including  now with it's almost every page is "loading..." or "refreshing..."

  • Well, maybe speaking too soon, as thought it was fixed because it once again put icons in the "pending actions", but in actuality, it's just stuck on "initializing" for scan now, and "force updates" and "deploy patches" still seem to do nothing.   Will keep everyone updated.

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  • I installed patch .09 last thursday and experiencing same issues with our KSDU. Will create a support ticket later today.