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Computer/Employee Activity Monitoring

  • Hello,

    Curious if anyone has configured scripts and reports that will track all activity on a computer by an employee.  A client is requesting a performance type report that shows what applications were opened, how long and what was done such as file changes and internet usage.  I know there are actual software packages such as Activetrak that does everything including screen shots.  But was wondering if anyone has utilized the Kaseya monitoring logs to create a similar report.  Seems we are seeing more and more clients trying to reduce employee waste but need proof of abuse to make changes.  Thanks in advance.


  • Hi - just a general observation from me, that might not apply to you and the country you're in.

    In Holland we have privacy laws preventing us from doing just this, without telling people they're being monitored. So, we're not allowed to check what people are doing without them knowing about it.

    That being said, I've not heard about or seen a report trying to do what you want.

    The Automation Exchange has a few parts that might help you, but I guess Kaseya isn't entirely suitable for this end. Meaning, you will be able to get this done, but it'll take a big effort and probably using some tools to get this information. Good luck!