Kaseya Community

Slack for VSA.

  • I created a Slack group for VSA users for those who are interested. Used for quicker responses to questions, etc. 
    You can search for the group 'kaseyavsa,' or you can click the link below.  


  • Hey Chase,

    It's funny you posts this. Do you know about the Kaseya Discord channel? Was in the process of making a thread about this, but there's a great collaborative community over there with some great discussion on everything VSA and Kaseya! As a Kaseya employee, I really recommend checking it out: discordapp.com/.../391315455698141184

  • Great thought. As suggested, I also highIy recommend the Kaseya Discord channel. It's an active community-run server with 75 users and growing.

  • No, I didn't. But that is awesome! If I start using Discord, ill def join the group. The more the better in my opinion.

  • FWIW - I see a lot of value in having a slack community for Kaseya admins, as I'm already in several other slack communities for many other IT tools I use. Allows to me to easily use one tool to keep up with everything, while easily and quickly chatting with other Kaseya admins.  Being in the other IT tool slack communities provides tremendous value, as I can see this Slack community doing if people join it and share knowledge that might not justify a forum post, but rather a quick thought, idea or solution to something related to the VSA.

  • I am new to Kaseya, but I can tell you that the slack use for the Labtech group was incredible.  Always someone helping out and sharing ideas.   I'll check out discord as I've never heard of it before...

  • What is the link for discord the above doesn't work.

  • Try this link - https://discord.gg/jSFn87

  • Somehow the link is invalid or expired.... the last one...

  • Here you go: https://discord.gg/cwckTP.

  • Good morning all, can someone send me an invite to the discord channel?

  • Same - can someone send me a DM with the discord channel invite

  • https://discord.gg/cwckTP.

  • Tried the link and its still saying invalid - I'm guessing it only allows 1 person per link because I clicked on that within an hr.

    added more detail
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  • Yes, I think thats the case. I'd love a link too, but I'm not quick enough on the draw to log in here and click it in time.