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Move to 9.5 or stay on 9.4

  • So here is my problem whenever there is a new version, is the timing on when to move to it. Not a problem I had last year!! Big Smile

    Anyway, all the brave souls that jumped to 9.5 is it performing better, worse, the same as when you were on 9.4?

    Will I have less or more pain if I upgrade?



  • 9.5 is a very smooth move. Get on it ASAP.

  • May be prudent to hold off for a few weeks though until Kaseya release a 9.5 patch that includes v.10 SP2 MR2 of KAV if you use it, as I believe the currently included version with 9.5 (10 SP2 MR1) is not compatible with the lastest Windows 10 Redstone 4 build (1803).

  • You are correct with this answer, we are waiting for that release also before upgrading tot 9.5



  • In my testing and following the forums it appears that they've resolved *most* of the showstopping bugs in 9.5 (except for the KAV thing which we personally don't use)..  

    My plan is go ahead and apply it to our systems after Kaseya Connect.

  • We got the 9.5 upgrade last week.  The only thing we've been experiencing is an issue where views/pages on the VSA seem to not update, and you just have to hit the refresh button to fix it.  I have to do that probably 2-5 times a day.  That's certainly not a showstopper for us, and I've otherwise been happy with the patch.

    Also, I recall in my experience upgrading to 9.3 and 9.4, it generated support calls after the upgrade, large pieces of the system didn't work or the system wouldn't even let us login at all.  I was pleasantly surprised that the 9.5 upgrade completed and I just logged in without any issues.  Of course, that might have been one of the perks to waiting a few months after release.