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Who on here will be at Kaseya Connect this year?

  • If so, let me know! Would be cool to meet up during the course of the event. See you all in Vegas!

  • Buster Davis from Lineage Logistics will be there

  • Drew Kew from ABC Financial will be there

  • Brad Willard, Bryan Greene, and Ken Davis from the Xcellerate/AdaptiveNOC will be there.

  • James Sanford from Teamspring will be there!

  • Glenn Barnas & Dimitri Miaoulis from MSP Builder will be there - come see my presentation on VSA Optimization on Wednesday afternoon!

  • Ronny Tunfjord and team from Upstream will be there! Announcing our very own product. www.myselfserviceportal.com

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  • Chris Imgarten and myself will be there from LammTech

  • Oh no.. and  are going too?!  This Connect is going to be great with a splash of trouble!

    See you guys there!

  • Tim Varvais and Mahlon Gragen from Aureon will be there

  • Hi everyone, I will be there. It’s my first Kaseya Connect. Can’t wait to meet you all!
  • Can we get someone do so something about the spammers on here lately.  I've seen more posts by them than normal users

  • I will be there as well.  This is my first time going.  Todd Reibling of TR Network Consulting.

  • Our team is taking special preventative measures to ensure that spammers are being eliminated from the board. This one must have slipped past our morning coffee though, thanks for pointing it out.

  • Back on topic though, what are you all looking forward to the most for this Connect? Anything you're looking to get of it specifically, or any specific breakout sessions you're thinking of attending?