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Integration between a Hosted Kaseya server and a local ConnectWise server

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We are looking at moving from an on prem Kaseya server to a Hosted VSA, but we appear to have run into a stumbling block.  We use ConnectWise as are CRM and use and integration tool provided by ConnectWise that runs once daily and will pull updated/new info of systems that have checked into Kaseya and will either update an existing or create a new configuration in ConnectWise.  We use ConnectWise for all our notifications for renewals and such so we can't go without this.

I have learned that ConnectWise does not officially support the integration with the Hosted version of Kaseya, but I wanted to see if anyone has been able to get the two to work together.


Sal DiPietro

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  • Sal, we have a utility we call KCSync that will read all of your Kaseya agents, and create configuration records.  It is free for ClubMSP members (I do not think it reads warranty data).   You could also look at WarrantyMaster, which will read all of your agents, lookup the warranties, and create some nice charts and reports for you.  The new version can write the data back to Kaseya as well, so you can run reports there also.

    Reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

    PS.  Kaseya also has an integration, but I have not worked with it.

  • Chris,

    I know it has been a bit, but the KCSync utility, do you have an example of how that would be set up?  I am a ClubMSP member but can't locate it on the site.


    Sal DiPietro

  • virtualadministrator.com/.../kcsync