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How many of you are using BMS?

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Happy Monday everyone! Would love to hear your opinions on the product. Why did you start using it? Did you switch from any other tools? Share your story in this thread!

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  • Hi, we have been a VSA customer for a couple of years and have been happy with it on the whole.  We wanted a joined up system so we decided to give BMS a try with the idea that it would replace our previous service desk (Kayako) and our own internal CRM.  I think the service desk side is good, I especially like the workflow management as you can do some really clever automations and love the fact you can take over a clients asset from within the ticket (providing the asset has been added to the ticket).  But I do think the CRM side of BMS needs a lot of improvements.  I dont want to use this as a feature request, but I do need to detail what I think is lacking from a CRM point of view.

    > The ability to view all tickets for a client in their client record:  So if I go into a client record under CRM it would be great to see a list of historic tickets ever created for them.

    > The ability to view all existing and historic quotes from within the client record.  There is no way for me to view a clients quote from within the client record screen.

    > The ability to view all Sales Orders from within the client record.  I cannot see the client order history from within their record.

    > The ability to create a quote from within a client record.  If I am in a client record is there a reason why I cant create a quote directly from there?

    > Why have a Service Quotation and Product Quotation.  Why not have the ability to just have 1 quotation which you can add multiple service types or products.

    > The ability to change the style & layout of a quotation, invoice, sales order and ticket.  When I print out any of these they look awful, I know you guys can upload a template for us that can be included in a future version release, and that is what your guys did for me but the problem with that was it wasnt right and I have to wait for another version release for the mistakes to be rectified, it cant even to back to default until the next update.

    > I know you have an integration with QuoteWerks(why QuoteWerks? its very clunky - I had a demo from them a few weeks ago and it kept crashing! something like Quotient or Proposify is much easier to use) but we dont want to pay for another product to plug into BMS when the core functionality is there.  I would rather you guys upped our subscription cost and improved BMS rather than have to pay someone else.

    > Dashboards, the existing dashboards in each section are quite useful, but they are limited and not editable.  We have a subscription to Brightgauge (£220 per month) and in our support office we have 4 x 40" TVs, on each TV there is a different dashboard with some basic but vital information which really helps our support team.  Again, I would rather pay you guys more and get something I can use than pay another company and plug into BMS.

    There are other things that could be improved, but they would be more like feature requests.  But in my opinion the above list is something that BMS is seriously lacking to be considered as a good CRM choice.

    Hope this helps


  • I agree with everything Dean has post.. There is also a severe lack of tutorials, videos,how to etc.. for the BMS

    Even the university is primarily aimed at VSA.

  • Hi

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our community page. While we do have various content for VSA related learning, Kaseya University does provide self-paced content for our BMS customers. If you do not have access to this already, we definetly recommend getting in contact with us. You can reach out to us via your Customer Success Representative or by visiting the following site www.kaseya.com/customer-success

    Our Kaseya team will be glad to assist you in order to obtain access to BMS training!