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Gifting Kaseya an SSL Certificate

  • Dear Kaseya,

    We can barely use any of your sites on any browser anymore due to your SSL certificate and it has driven most people that work here mad for months now.

    Myself and the other boys in the office have had a whip round and got some money together - can we buy you a new cert so that we can get back on to the automation exchange and other sites without having to try six different browsers?

    Lots of love,

    A weary, long-time Kaseya user

  • Convenient, seeing Let's Encrypt just set up support for Wildcard Certificates.


    No excuses now

  • Automation Exchange.PNG

    How much are we chipping in?

  • How much are we all chipping in?

  • I'm sure that any additional donations will be accepted. We could extend the validity to three years if we could raise enough. #certgoals

  • Hi ,

    Could you email me a screenshot of the SSL certificate chain in your browser? I've tried Automation Exchange on a number of browsers on a number of computers on several networks, and the cert is valid and doesn't expire for over a year.

  • Looks fine to me.

  • Certificate chain looks fine to me too. Testing from a recently updated Nexus 6P (Android) phone.

  • All good here. I'd be more concerned if you've been hacked, or your SSL-Inspection firewall cert is the one that has expired.

  • Agreed, I was scratching my head when I read this post earlier.  I haven't seen any issues with certs on any of the Kaseya sites....

  • We get the attached from qualys and chaining issues. Even if we run the same test on a mobile handset using 3/4G 

  • @jb1975 that scan (as well as this one securityheaders.io ) seem to indicate that there is in fact an SSL certificate installed and serving on their website. The poor score is caused by a bad configuration. There server seems to be nginx, so some simple configurations would make all the difference. This link mozilla.github.io/.../ssl-config-generator has the exact config they would need to get an A+ on Qualys test, and a formidable score on securityheaders.io

    Also this is just for their main site. The automation exchange may be on another severs and may have different issues.

  • SSLlabs gives the automationexchange.kaseya.com page A+ from what I can see.

  • Agreed, the automationexchange site is also showing that for us now as well.