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accounts getting locked

  • I want to make an alert to notify/make ticket anytime any account gets locked out. Or should be warned before getting locked .can anybody please help urgently.?

  • Hi Amrit,

    Apologies for the quick messy reply. Try this and see if it will give you what you require.

  • does not have system option here

  • does not have system option here any other way or can you tell me how to bring this option here

  • Hi Amrit,

    Are you on premises or SaaS hosted?

  • kaseya server is on cloud

  • saas hosted

  • Are you referring to accounts locking out on agents? For Windows, there is an event log alert (4740 in Security log)  you can monitor, apply it to Domain Controllers.

    Rampant lockouts are often the result of attacks targeting open RDP (even on alternate ports).